Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recent Survey

Distrusted News Sources: (And what percent of survey participants noted the source as "untrustworthy") (99% distrusted)
Associated Press (95% distrusted)
CNN (93% distrusted)
Quackwatch (92% distrusted)
Reuters (86% distrusted) (66% distrusted) (66% distrusted)


Stephen Barrett, the Quackwatch guy
Dr. Stephen Barrett is the operator of Quackwatch (, a website with an interesting history that's described in part on Wikipedia:

Here's how the survey participants rated Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch:

3% Humble / 97% Not
4% Generous / 96% Not
2% Healthy / 98% Not
6% Authentic / 94% Not
11% Intelligent / 89% Not
4% Honest / 96% Not
5% Informed / 95% Not

Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Known best as the health corresponded for CNN, Dr. Gupta is also an advocate of Gardasil (the HPV vaccine being used on teenager girls), and was the host of a television program called "Accent Health," which was primarily sponsored by Merck, the maker of the Gardasil vaccine. Dr. Gupta is also well known for his argument with Michael Moore of the incorrect statement of facts in Moore's movie, Sicko. A YouTube video of that argument is available here:

Here's how the survey participants rated Dr. Sajay Gupta:

29% Humble / 71% Not
31% Generous / 69% Not
67% Healthy / 33% Not
37% Authentic / 63% Not
77% Intelligent / 23% Not
32% Honest / 68% Not
23% Informed / 77% Not

As these results show, Dr. Gupta was not rated highly by the survey participants. The only person receiving more negative scores was Dr. Stephen Barrett. I believe that the negative ratings on Dr. Gupta may stem, in part, from the perception that Dr. Gupta is a friend of the pharmaceutical industry and Merck in particular, especially due to his vocal support of the Gardasil vaccine used on teenage girls.

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Ilena Rose said...

Thanks for the survey.

As one who has been defending myself against Barrett and Quackwatch for over 7 years ... I firmly believe that this group, which they self-named "the rag-tag Posse of Snake-oil Vigilantes" are the team members who support Barrett's many SLAPP suits he filed against vaccination awareness advocates such as Dr. Koren, Dr. Mercola and myself.

The Vaccination Lobby is so huge and pervasive ... and Barrett and Quackwatch, in my opinion, are one of the centers of propaganda and disinformation.